Week 5 Reflection

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Social media

Communities of practice

Communities of practice (COP) to me are people within a community who have a shared set of learnings or “practice”, in which they can use to deal with issues or ongoing problems that they share a common interest, housed within a social structure.

COP has three characteristics which include, the domain is the shared interest of the community, such as photographers, authors, aeroplane hobbits etc. The community is when the community interacts and learns from each other, without this it also cannot be a COP. The practice is the use within a shared practice that enables them to deal with one-off or ongoing issues with the help of others with the same vested interest, such as architects during a lunch break discussing continued problems and solutions to them.

Social learning systems

Social learning systems involves social competence, a level within a community in which you become competent to within a community and personal experience that is what we learn and share within our community gathered from the world.


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